Thrifty Canarians Spend Less On Lottery

December 17, 2012

Canary Islanders will spend an average of 42.69 euros on the Christmas Lottery this year, well below the national average of 70.60 euros.

Estimates reveal Castille and Leon is the region where people will splash out most, averaging a whopping 101.54 euros per capita, followed by La Rioja (100.93 euros), Asturias (98.20 euros), Aragon (91.24 euros), Madrid (86.69 euros), Basque Country (84.51 euros), Valencia ( 78.54 euros), Cantabria (76.74 euros) and Castilla la Mancha (73.66 euros).

Meanwhile, those spending the least money are people in the autonomous enclaves of Melilla (16.66 euros) and Ceuta (17.35 euros), followed by the Balearic Islands (39.79 euros), Canary Islands (42, 69 euros), Andalusia (49.17 euros), Extremadura (56.66 euros), Navarra (58.43 euros), Galicia (67.28 euros), Catalonia (68.25 euros) and Murcia (71.14 euros.