The average pension in the Canary Islands is 825 euros 27

September 24, 2015

According to the Ministry of Employment and the  Spanish Social Security,  the average amount of  retirement  and other pensions recorded for the month of September was just over 825 euros, representing an increase of 1.5 percent over the same month of 2014.

In the country as a whole, the Social Security laid out a record high of 8.293 million euros to pay contributory pensions this September. 

Most of the 8.293 million,  5.796 million went to pay old age pensions, followed by  1,486 million on widows’ pensions, 863 million on permanent disability pay outs, orphan’s support accounted for 126.2 million euros and pensions for family members totalled just over 20 million euros.

Taken individually; the average retirement pension was 1024.95 per month, representing a 2.19% increase over September 2014 and the average widow’s pension was 631.63 euros per month as at September , a 1.06% increase over the same month last year, while permanent disability reached an average amount of 924.15 euros per month, with an increase of 0.8%.