Santiago Del Teide Mayor Juan Gorrín In Court Case

February 2, 2013

The mayor of Santiago del Teide, Juan Gorrín, has asked his own local council to provide him with a lawyer and the funds for a guarantee of eight thousand euros required to meet the bail which has been set by the Magistrate of the Court of first Instance No. 5 of Arona, in respect of alleged libel charges.

The court order, dated December 17, 2012, requires the Juan Gorrín “pay bail in the amount of 8,000 € to be held against such responsibilities as we feel may be imposed, with a warning that, if not complied with, the court will proceed to the seizure of his property”.

The allegations made against the mayor  have nothing to do with the performance of his duties or decisions taken while in office, but with some statements made in the press.

This is made clear in the penalty of seizure of his personal goods made explicitly by the judge.

Even though this is a personal matter, yet  to be tried, mayor Gorrín referred the matter at the council meeting of January 11, 2013, as an emergency item, asking for a vote to approve the council should  “assume responsibility for the defence and representation of the mayor and “stand surety for Don Juan Damián Gorrín Ramos against potential financial liabilities that may be required. Specifically in the amount of € 8000 to be lodged with Caixabank “.

The decision, which obviously affects municipal funds, received the affirmative vote of Emilio Navarro, Guillermo Évora, Ibrahim Forte, Vanesa Sanchez and Heller Abreu.

Council members belonging to the Canary Coalition group, whilst scrupulously respecting the presumption of the Mayor’s innocence until proven guilty,  maintain that as the charges against him have nothing to do with his municipal duties, but with the mayor’s public statements to the media, it must be he, personally who responds as is required by the judge.

The Mayor can not expect to put the burden on the residents of the municipality for the consequences of  his own outbursts and actions.

CC spokesman, Jonathan Martin Fumero said,  “We have requested copies of all the documentation regarding the matter and will formally require that the meeting be revoked at the next council meeting “