Prepaid Mobiles In Tenerife: No Need To Lose Your Number.

November 8, 2009

Those who have had running battles with mobile ‘phone companies’ computers being down due to the overwhelming demand for registration over the last few weeks will be pleased to know they do not have to lose their numbers or any prepaid credit on them.

The deadline for identification for owners of  prepaid mobile phones was to end this Monday, November 9th, and those who had not complied were scheduled to lose their numbers.

However, with the agreement  reached on Saturday between the Spanish Interior Ministry and mobile phone companies, prepaid customers who have not yet identified themselves in person can now recover their old number and line, but not receive or make calls until they comply with the law.

The measure was imposed by the Governemnt to prevent mobile cards being used for criminal purposes.  

Prepaid mobile customers will now have six more months to identify themselves in person at any office of their mobile service provider.  The decision will benefit the nearly 4 million users, according to the telephone companies have not yet been identified.

One ex-pat told News In The Sun “The situation was ridiculous, we went on 5 different occasions to the Vodafone shop in Playa San Juan only to be told ‘ Mañana’ – Come back tommorrow. At least we now now we will not lose our credit”

This will also be good news for the thousands of ex-pats who visit for just a few months a year and have not been in Tenerife to present their credentials.