Potty Drug Bust

September 19, 2012

Guardia Civil officers nabbed a drug dealer almost by accident yesterday while carrying out routine searches of vehicles.

The ‘accidental’ drug bust came about as officers were searching cars in supermarket car parks across Gran Canaria, looking for stolen electrical goods.

The agents were tracking a gang of thieves specialising in stealing televisions and other electrical equipment from warehouses and reselling the goods on the black market.

During their sweep of one car park in the island capital, Las Palmas, they noticed an SUV with several covered packages in the back, which aroused their interest.

Officers waited patiently for the owner to return before searching the vehicle.

Their search revealed no TVs but, to their surprise, they discovered 150 kgs of hashish hidden in five bundles in the back of the pick-up.

The owner of the vehicle remains in custody awaiting a court appearance. He is not expected to make a TV appearance.