Playa de Las Vistas Lifeguards on Hunger Strike

February 8, 2013

Lifeguards from Los Cristianos are living hand-to-mouth, surviving on loans from friends and donations from tourists and disabled bathers who use the beaches

The lifeguards have not been paid their salaries since July 2012 due to the bankruptcy of the service sub-contractor Sport & Salvament, SLU, and the unwillingness or inability of the Municipality of Arona to remedy the situation before the service is put out to public tender again.

But in spite of the situation 18 lifeguards continue to turn up for work at Playa de Las Vistas beach every day, concerned about public safety and the possible closure of beaches.

One of those affected, Veronica Rodriguez, has been on hunger strike since 29 January and her colleague, Marco Luccini, since February 2.

This can not go on… sign their petition at or support face book page

Ánimo, socorristas!!!!