Sales Start Today!

January 7, 2015

salesThe Canary islands winter sales kick off TODAY, Wednesday January 7,  and ends on March 6,  except in Lanzarote except where they end on March 31.

Discounts could be as high as seventy percent, and the average Canarian is likely to spend about 150 euros.

But today is going to be busy –  some people have been waiting since midnight,  while others are coming into to exchange unwanted Reyes presents – so expect to wait at tills!

Santa Cruz; Selling Off The Family Silver

January 3, 2015

santa-cruzSanta Cruz Council is planning to sell off three million euros worth of assets.

Most of these are historic properties located in the Calle La Noria area, distributed in five buildings, which are those that might be very desireable if they can pass the Technical Building Inspection (ITE)as they are more than 50 years years old.

Councillor for Finance, Alberto Bernabé, told reporters “As this property located in the downtown area of the capital, it is high value  even if a private developer has to rennovate it”.

The Council say it will be more profitable for them to sell  rather than attempt to rennovate at high cost as some of the properties are in a state of near ruin.

Stay Indoors Advises Ministry of Health

January 2, 2015

calimaThe Spanish Meteorological Agency (Aemet)has confirmed the  yellow alert for Calima (Dust cloud) conditions until tomorrow, Saturday, for all of the Canary Islands.

For today, Friday, and tomorrow, Saturday, airborne dust brought on winds from Africa will reduce visibility in all the islands by  about 3,000 meters.

The Ministry of Health of the Canary Government reminds all citizens that exposure to to the airborne dust can cause chest discomfort, coughs, palpitations, fatigue and increased susceptibility to respiratory infections.

Persons at risk, such as children, the elderly and patients with chronic respiratory or cardiovascular ailments, should avoid exposure to outside air, as far as possible ,keeping windows closed.

The general population is advised not to remain outside for prolonged periods.