Government Attempts To Simplify Imports From Mainland

January 9, 2015

Measures the Canary Islands Government adopted earlier this year to encourage purchases through e-commerce come into effect on January 13, 2015.

They include, among others, scrapping the Single Administrative Document (DUA)  for export/import between the archipelago and the mainland for purchases up to 3,000 euros and for any shipment that does not involve a transfer of ownership.

The change should make  handling of purchases easier and cheaper

Previously additional costs associated with DUA  made up a significant percentage of the value of the goods: Eg The Post Office charged between 12 euros to 22 euros and courier firms a minimum of around 25 euros, just to process the form.

However the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife believes the measures don’t go far enough, because although the DUA  is abolished the replacement system, “is not easy” says Carolina Rodríguez Innovation specialist for the Chamber.

“It requires the carrier to give the user a despatch code and the consumer will need to complete a lot of additional information on-line. continued »

Copper Thieves Arrested In Callao Salvaje

January 8, 2015

Two men have been arrested in  Callao Salvaje after being caught in possession of a thousand kilos, around two kilometers, of stolen copper wiring.

The arrests took place in the early hours of Monday morning whilst they were loading the stolen wire on to a hire van.

The 36 and 45-year-old  were intercepted with the help of the local police after attempting to flee, but the Guardia Civil are  still looking for a third suspect who fled the scene.

The identity of the third suspect is known to the Civil Guard, who explained that these people use a legitimate company as a front to sell the stolen copper.

They are believed to have sold three tons of the illegally sourced copper in just two months with profits of around 11,000 euros.

Canary Islands;Lowest Average Temperature Since Dec 2008

January 7, 2015

December 2014 recorded the lowest average temperature in the Canary Islands since Dec 2008.

At  15.5 degrees C, it was three tenths of a degree below the normal for the last month of the year in the archipelago, according to the Spanish Meteorological Agency.

Despite the drop in temperatures in December, rainfall has been very scarce in the islands,  24 litres per square meter, five times lower than last year but double that of 2012 and triple that of 2011.