Santa Cruz Bank Robbers Caught

January 22, 2015

fotonoticia_20150120162715_800-600x319The National Police have arrested two men on suspicion of a robbery committed on January 2 at a La Caixa Bank in Calle Azorin, Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife.

The suspects, local men aged 44 and 36-years-old respectively, are accused of intimidating bank staff with large  knives, attacking one of them and forcing customers to lie on the floor, while the pair made off with 62,000 euros.

The men, who had masks over thier faces, fled in a stolen vehicle.

Officers found 37,000 euros in cash in the homes of detainees and at the same time clothing and knives, believed to be used to commit the robbery,were seized.


Dawn Rescue In Masca

January 17, 2015

Two 65-year-old hikers of Finnish nationality were rescued by firemen after getting lost while attempting the descent into the Masca Ravine yesterday.

According to Emergency services  Volunteer Firemen from Santiago del Teide finally located the two ladies in the early hours of the morning.

The authorities had first been alerted around 8pm the previous evening by other walkers who had been in the same party as the rescued women.

After beeing transferred by sea around 4am, the pair were met at Los Gigantes Marina by an ambulance and were then taken to a local health center where they received care for slight injuries.

Murder Suspect In Custody

January 12, 2015
Photo used in the hunt for the killer

Photo used in the manhunt

The Guardia Civil arrested a 29-year old Moldovan, Eugeniu Berezenco, on Saturday.

He is their prime suspect in the case of the alleged murder of  Russian citizen Andrey Timofeev, 52, whose bound and gagged body was located in a shallow grave  in the Aguilas del Teide area, last November 29,

The accused was located after Guardia Civil agents detained two young men, a 25-year-old Moldovan, and the other  a 24-year-old of Spanish nationality.

The two are suspected of aiding and abetting the fugitive.

The deceased was found after his wife reported his disappearance, but the woman was subsequently interviewed by officers herself in early December, as it is believed  she was in a relationship with the Moldovan.

The accused has lived for several years in the South of the island in Adeje before moving more recently to Buzanada in Arona; he appears to be an illegal immigrant.