Average Tourist Spends 124 Euros Per Day

September 29, 2015

Foreign tourists spent 1,259 million euros in the Canary Islands in August , 9.6% more than a year ago and an all time high for that month.

Visitors from the UK, and to a lesser extent Italy, were the main spenders, as highlighted in the latest Tourism Expenditure (Egatur) survey published recently.

According to the report, the August record  was the icing on the cake after four months of “remarkable growth” of foreign tourism expenditure

The survey goes on to detail an individual breakdown of 124 euros spending per person per day

In the whole of Spain, international tourists a total of 46,590 million euros during the first eight months of the year , representing an increase of 7% over the same period of 2014.

ONCE Pay Out In Tenerife

September 28, 2015

The National Organization of the Blind  ONCE has paid out 450,000 euros in Tenerife on 15 lottery tickets sold in Icod and Arona.

Blind and visually impaired  members sell the lottery tickets to raise funds for the charity.

The vendors of Friday’s winning tickets were Benjamin Acosta Rodriguez in Icod while José Luis Flores brought luck to Arona.

The Organisation, founded in 1938,  aims to achieve two main objectives: self-reliance and full social integration of its members and ONCE earmarks over 230 million euros a year (2009 figure) for social activities.

Lottery game products are the ONCE’s main economic driving force which helps to provide every specialized service that a blind or visually impaired person might need: education, employment, rehabilitation, adapted technical aids, communication and access to information, sports, leisure, etc.

More information here; http://www.once.es/new/otras-webs/english

Attorney General Condemns Excessive Bureaucracy

September 26, 2015

The Attorney General of the Canary Islands, Vicente Garrido , has condemned, what he considers to be, a waste of resources, effort and time in the justice system of the archipelago, proved by the fact that only 2.6% of  the 300,000 odd criminal cases that were processed last year ended with a guilty criminal verdict (4.66% if  cases with a guilty plea are excluded). 

Garrido believes, the underlying cause is “excessive bureaucracy” and went on to say that the whole system “should be thoroughly reviewed”.

At the national level crime fell by 3.7% for the first three months  of 2015 in comparrison to 2014. The overall downward trend of recent years has continued, with crime now standing at 44.3 offences and misdemeanours per 1,000 inhabitants – one of the lowest rates in the European Union.