Government compromise on Hotel Medano.

March 5, 2008

nabona.jpgPlans by the Department of Coasts to demolish the landmark Hotel Medano have hit the rocks, to the relief of both local people and  politicians. It seems that after months of talks between central government, the Tenerife Cabildo and Granadilla council, no agreement could continued »

Local cop thwarts bank robbery

March 5, 2008

Police in Adeje have arrested a man who tried to rob a branch of Banca March in Playa Paraíso.  

The 27-year-old Italian, identified only by his initials, PG, entered the bank at 11.45 am and threatened a teller with a knife. What the hapless bank robber didn’t know was, there was a local police officer in the bank, who quickly came to the rescue.

The officer said: “We managed to evacuate everyone else leaving the robber on his own in the branch. He tried to injure himself with the knife when he realised the game was up but only managed to cause a superfical wound, which was later treated by emergency services at the scene.”  

Tot to have surgery on face

March 5, 2008

campsitemontanaroja2.jpgThe two year old British boy, attacked by a Rottweiler last Sunday at the Montaña Roja camping ground is to undergo surgery at Candelaria hospital today to repair damage to his face. continued »