ONCE Pay Out In Tenerife

September 28, 2015

The National Organization of the Blind  ONCE has paid out 450,000 euros in Tenerife on 15 lottery tickets sold in Icod and Arona.

Blind and visually impaired  members sell the lottery tickets to raise funds for the charity.

The vendors of Friday’s winning tickets were Benjamin Acosta Rodriguez in Icod while José Luis Flores brought luck to Arona.

The Organisation, founded in 1938,  aims to achieve two main objectives: self-reliance and full social integration of its members and ONCE earmarks over 230 million euros a year (2009 figure) for social activities.

Lottery game products are the ONCE’s main economic driving force which helps to provide every specialized service that a blind or visually impaired person might need: education, employment, rehabilitation, adapted technical aids, communication and access to information, sports, leisure, etc.

More information here; http://www.once.es/new/otras-webs/english