No light At The End Off The Tunnel

May 9, 2013

Just days after celebrating the opening of a new road tunnel in the centre of Santa Cruz, which will allow for more pedestrianized open space above, the Canary Islands’ Government has announced there is no money left to finish the project.

On the books for years, the 40,000 sq. metre project was planned to extend the pedestrianized area beyond the Plaza de España to nearer the dock area with landscaping and street furniture enhancing what is probably the most prestigious area of the city and the first thing cruise passengers see after disembarking.

A spokesperson from the Regional Ministry of Works blamed the lack of funding on the two years of central government cuts, saying that money is now only available for essential works and repairs across the archipelago.

So it seems, despite spending millions on taking traffic underground, the area will remain an eyesore for the foreseeable future.