Murder Suspect In Custody

January 12, 2015
Photo used in the hunt for the killer

Photo used in the manhunt

The Guardia Civil arrested a 29-year old Moldovan, Eugeniu Berezenco, on Saturday.

He is their prime suspect in the case of the alleged murder of  Russian citizen Andrey Timofeev, 52, whose bound and gagged body was located in a shallow grave  in the Aguilas del Teide area, last November 29,

The accused was located after Guardia Civil agents detained two young men, a 25-year-old Moldovan, and the other  a 24-year-old of Spanish nationality.

The two are suspected of aiding and abetting the fugitive.

The deceased was found after his wife reported his disappearance, but the woman was subsequently interviewed by officers herself in early December, as it is believed  she was in a relationship with the Moldovan.

The accused has lived for several years in the South of the island in Adeje before moving more recently to Buzanada in Arona; he appears to be an illegal immigrant.