Lithuanians Arrested With 13,000 Euros In Fake Notes

February 22, 2013

National Police in Tenerife have arrested a couple before they were able to leave the island with 13,100 euros in counterfeit  100 euro notes.

Officers were aware of the activities on the island of a woman of Lithuanian nationality, who allegedly used counterfeit notes to make purchases in different establishments in Santa Cruz, Puerto de La Cruz, Las Americas and San Isidro.

The woman engaged shop employees in small talk, bought a low value item, always less than ten euros, and then paid with a fake 100 euro note.

National Police investigators were able to piece together the identity of the woman and her partner, also of Lithuanian origin, thanks to information provided by the local police of each area.

The couple were arrested at a Santa Cruz hotel where several mobile phones, 3,500 euros in legal tender and 13,100 euros in fake notes were found amongst their belongings .

According to the Bureau of Investigation of the Bank of Spain, the counterfeits were of  very high quality not able to be spotted by the naked eye,  but were detected as false by machines that are commonly used by some traders.