Hotline inundated by abuse victims

March 4, 2008

Calls to a special hotline for victims of domestic violence quadrupled the day after four women were brutally murdered at the hands of their partners and ex-husbands last week.

Encarnación Orozco, leading the government’s fight against domestic violence said the help line received more than 3,600 calls on Wednesday, up from the average of 700 a day.
Orozco put the huge rise in calls down to the fear and, in some cases, absolute terror felt by victims of domestic violence on hearing of the killings.  

What has been dubbed Black Tuesday became the bloodiest day on record in Spain’s long fight against domestic violence, with the deaths of four women in a single day. ”The news of the four deaths terrified other women suffering violence at the hands of their partners,” said Orozco. The 016 hotline, set up by the government six months ago offers legal and psychological support for victims but is not an emergency number for women who are suffering abuse. Since the 016 service started it has received 85,000 calls.