Grounded – Spanish Air Space Closed By Walk Out.

December 3, 2010

Spain has closed its airspace this evening following a walkout  by air traffic controllers, leaving thousands stranded at the start of one of the country’s busiest Bank Holiday weekends.

The Spanish Airport Authority AENA, said the action began at 4pm when controllers began abandoning their posts.

 Controllers said cuts to personnel have left them dangerously understaffed and they have no option but to walk out, upping the ante in a long running dispute with AENA over pay and conditions.

Madrid’s Barajas airport, as well as Palma, Ibiza and Minorca in the Balearic Islands are closed to traffic, causing a domino effect across the country and beyond.

At Tenerife South airport, reports are coming in of up to 1,000 people stranded in the departure lounge unable to take off, yet also unable to return to the main part of the airport.