Government Promise To Stamp Out Illegal Tourist Lets

December 15, 2010

The Canary Islands Government has announced a campaign to rid the islands of illegal, unregistered tourist accommodation.

The opposition PSC-PSOE has criticised the executive for being soft on the problem, claiming that there are up to 400,000 illegal tourist beds in the Canaries.

Canary Minister for Property and the Economy, Jorge Rodriguez, gave assurances yesterday that from 2011 the government would initiate a programme of inspections for all tourist accommodation in an attempt to establish the extent of the problem and sanction those involved.

Rodriguez made his statement following accusations by the socialist deputy, Olivia Estévez claimed that there were 400,000 illegal tourist beds a further 650,000 ‘clandestine’ ones

Rodriguez said that 17 inspectors would be employed full-time for the whole of next year to weed out the offenders.

At present, there are 430,021 authorised tourist beds in the islands registered to 3,033 establishments, consisting of 645 hotels and more than 2,380 ‘extrahotels’, offering self-catering apartment-type accommodation.

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