Endangerment charges a load of old bull

March 1, 2008

A judge in Pamplona has found a father, filmed with his 10-year-old son during the running of the bulls last year, not guilty of being an irresponsible parent.The ruling came after Spanish newspaper El Mundo published pictures of Luis Miguel Gómez, holding his son’s hand as they ran in front of the bulls.The case was brought by the child’s mother who is divorced from his father.The father’s visitation rights were withdrawn following the incident but were reinstated last month.He was fined €150 by the organisers, who enforce a strict ban on children taking part in the world famous event.But the judge said the fact that the boy was not harmed made his father not guilty of putting his son in danger or of being a bad parent.He also said the dramatic pictures were taken with a telephoto lens, which made the bulls appear much closer that they actually were.In his defence, Gómez said he jumped over the fence with his son after he heard the fourth rocket, which should have signalled the run was over.