Don’t Poo Poo Animal Rights Protesters

October 4, 2015

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Over a  1,000 people demonstrating against animal abuse and neglect, accompanied by five hundred dogs, came together in Candelaria on Saturday.

Local council representatives and more than 30 animal rights groups representing the Canary Islands, attended the  rally organized by Gente Solidaria de Candelaria.
The participants paraded along the Candelaria sea-front  promenade  for an hour ending up  in front of the Punta Larga school where a manifesto was read out, seeking safety not just for dogs, but for all animals; in particular condemning bullfighting  and cockfighting which are still legal in Spain.
The event passed without notable incidents, although more than one owner shot off when it was time to pick up their pet’s poo, although Antonio Ordonez and others from People Solidarity Candelaria, made sure there were no unwanted presents left on the pavements after the rally.
Candelaria is  one of the areas in the Canary Islands with the most pets per number of inhabitants, and the Local Council does try to make life easier for owners with various initiatives such as creating a large public dog friendly park and automatic feeders for stray cats.