Courts threaten to sanction Arona Council over Arona Lifeguards debacle

February 9, 2013

The  Magistrate of Labour Tribunal No. 1 in Santa Cruz has now called on the Arona council for the third time to specify exactly how much they owed the now defunct services subcontractor Sport & Salvament SLU and award that money to the lifeguards the company made redundant, as stated in the court ruling signed on 31 January.

Even though the first warning was issued in November, the judge has yet to know whether or not local government actually owed money to the company.

After so many evasions, the Judge is now threatening to sanction the municipal council for “disobedience to the courts and possible procedural bad faith.”

According to the local councillor for the Environment, Antonio Sosa, the council “does not owe any amount to Sport & Salvament SLU” but, as he admitted, that was because they had not submitted any bills since August  even though  the service has continued to be provided.

The 18 employees of the company in Arona have not been paid for six months, since the repossession of the company.

Two of the employees have decided to go on hunger strike, Veronica Rodriguez and Marco Luccini.

Veronica, unlike her colleagues, has had no pay for 14 months as she was unfairly dismissed by the company and then re-instated when the Court found in her favour in July.

As Sport & Salvament do not have funds to pay the 10,588 euros set by the resolution, the City Council is liable to pay such an amount, as per their contract.

As Veronica has not received such amount, the judge has ordered that, “given the existence of a security bond made by the company and deposited in the Treasury of the City” they should proceed with the “retention and transfer of the amount . “