Carnaval Queen In Seville Burns Unit

February 8, 2013

Saida Prieto, the Santa Cruz  Carnival Queen competitor who suffered severe burns during the Gala held last Wednesday, is said to be in a serious but stable condition in the burns unit in Seville, mainland Spain, after undergoing a two hour surgery.

The Hospital Virgen del Rocío de Sevilla, confirm the young woman has burns over 42% of her body, but remains stable although on life support. Most importantly, there is no concern that her organs have been affected.

She has third-degree burns on the back of both legs and thighs and buttocks as well as much of her back  and on the back of the arms and forearms.

The rest of her burns, (right ear, cheek and neck without affecting the scalp) are less serious.

Forensic specialists from the National Police have now assumed responsibility for investigating the cause of the accident which is generally thought to be some pyrotechnic effects which were part of another competitor’s costume.

The rules of the competition did allow designers to use the so called cold-fire pyrotechnic stage effects as long as organisers were advised.

But the Comision de Fiestas organising committee say they did not receive, nor approve, any application to use Category T2 theatrical pyrotechnic articles from any of the costume designers.

Type T2  are articles containing explosive substances or an explosive mixture of substances intended for production of heat, light, sound, gas, smoke or a combination of such effects through self-sustained exothermic chemical reaction, and are always installed by professionals

Events were cancelled yesterday and today and the committee will announce any further changes to the programme tomorrow.