British Boffins Highlight Spanish Corruption

June 6, 2009

University of Essex CampusThe quality of democracy in Spain has fallen dramatically according to a report from a British University.

According to a study by the Centre for Democratic Governance at the University of Essex, Spain’s rating  has fallen from 6.2 to 6 on a scale of 10, which measures the quality of democracy.

The damning report goes on to say that Spain is “a relatively corrupt country compared to those around it”.

The report, entitled “Democracy in Spain 2009″, attributes the fall in the quality of democracy index to the situation created after the 2008 elections and highlights the Justice system.

It also says that corruption is “a very serious problem in the country, particularly at local government level”.

However, the authors admit that “this is not widespread and concede that few individuals appear to be directly implicated”.

Nevertheless, the corruption does have a serious impact because of its high economic value and influence, they say.

University political experts put the causes of corruption down to the high concentration of political power in the hands of a single local party, as well as the power wielded by Mayors and the size of municipalities.

The report proposes a possible solution to the problem by re-arranging Municipal boundaries, eliminating smaller administrative units and adopting a common local administrative style, as has occurred in the rest of Europe during the last decade.