Body Sushi Too “Raw” For Gran Canaria

January 30, 2013

The  Las Palmas Casino in Gran Canaria has decided to take “body sushi” off the menu after unfavourable comments were posted on social networks.

Casino manager, Juan Caceres,  said they withdrew the product shortly after learning that the Canarian Institute of Women requested the Casino stop serving sushi on the naked body of a person, male or female, a practice considered by them to be degrading and offensive, to such a degree that the Institute  has filed a complaint with the island Labour Inspectorate.

The manager has made it clear that serving body sushi is not illegal and that the gimmick was organized with the intention of repeating it once a month.

Caceres went on “customers do not actually eat off people’s bodies – these are paid professional models who only act as a ” serving tray”, this involves no humiliation.  They were contracted for their services from a reputable agency”.

The Casino representative confirmed body sushi  is offered at other restaurants in the Canary Islands and in the rest of Spain and all over Europe, and that the day the event was held at the Casino went very well.

However, he added, “we have withdrawn the event to avoid controversy”