Attorney General Condemns Excessive Bureaucracy

September 26, 2015

The Attorney General of the Canary Islands, Vicente Garrido , has condemned, what he considers to be, a waste of resources, effort and time in the justice system of the archipelago, proved by the fact that only 2.6% of  the 300,000 odd criminal cases that were processed last year ended with a guilty criminal verdict (4.66% if  cases with a guilty plea are excluded). 

Garrido believes, the underlying cause is “excessive bureaucracy” and went on to say that the whole system “should be thoroughly reviewed”.

At the national level crime fell by 3.7% for the first three months  of 2015 in comparrison to 2014. The overall downward trend of recent years has continued, with crime now standing at 44.3 offences and misdemeanours per 1,000 inhabitants – one of the lowest rates in the European Union.