Icod – El Tanque Section Of Ring Road Now Open

July 24, 2014

ringroadThe new road connection between the municipalities of Icod de los Vinos and El Tanque, Tenerife, is now a reality after this section of the island ring road was officially opened on Wednesday.

This part of the ring road has fourteen tunnels of between 40 and 200 meters, with the longest located at La Vega, measuring 1.2 kilometres,  and was considered the most complicated part of the ring road project due to it’s proximity to the National park.

Both the Ministry of Public Works, and the Canarian Government, were keen to emphasise the care taken to protect the landscape in this part of the island.

Fog Causes Problems At Los Rodeos

July 24, 2014

fogPoor visibility in the North of the island caused flights to be cancelled and various flights being re-routed to Tenerife south south airport today.

Intense fog affecting the Los Rodeos Tenerife airport forced the cancellation of several flights including two to Gran Canaria and one to Oviedo in Asturias.

Many passengers had to change their connections at the last moment










Tourist Figures – They’re Back!

July 23, 2014

The Canary Islands welcomed 5,624,062 foreign tourists from January to June this year , 12.4 per cent more than the same period  in 2013.

This figure is a new high for the first half of the year, the best since records began according to data released on Tuesday by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

In June alone 769,586 tourists from  countries other than Spain chose the Canaries for their holiday, a 8.1 per cent increase over the same month of 2013, which at that time was the best June in the archipelago since statistics began to be published by Frontur in 2000.

The boom in the Canaries puts them at the top of the league table of Spanish regions for foreign tourists during the first half of the year, second only to Catalonia, with 7.12 million.

Specifically for June, Frontur highlights the growth of 8.1% as being due to its two major tourism markets: the UK and Germany.

The breakdown data indicates that 324,125 British, 188,015 Germans, 47,254 Irish, 28,862 citizens of the Nordic countries and 28,326 French nationals visited the archipelago in June.

Between the islands, Tenerife is in first place, with 279,236 foreign tourists in June, followed by Gran Canaria, with 172,681; Lanzarote, with 163,317; and Fuerteventura, with 147,041.

In the whole of Spain, the figures for the first half of the year also marked a record influx of foreigners, with 28 million tourists, 7.3 per cent more than in 2013.

Rivero Meets With Repsol Chairman

July 22, 2014

The President of the Canary Islands, Paulino Rivero, has formally asked Repsol Petroleum Company Chairman Antonio Brufau, to suspend the firm’s activities in the islands.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting held in Madrid on Monday, to discuss future oil exploration in waters near the islands, Rivero  warned that this issue is creating a strong feeling of discontent between the Canary Islands and  Mariano Rajoy’s central Spanish government.

Antonio Brufau, meanwhile, has assured Rivero that his company will use all means possible to ensure that the project is absolutely safe and that there will be no oil spill or environmental problem, “Repsol will act here as it does everywhere in the world and, in fact in this case, if it is even possible, with more care because of the Canary Islands location.

The Repsol Chairman also stressed the importance of the project for Spain and Canary Islands, because if successful, exploration predicts a rate of success of between 15 and 20 per cent, going forward would mean an investment of between 13,000 and 14,000 million euros.

19k Euros Lighter After Visit To “Night Club”

July 21, 2014

veronicasA tourist was drugged and robbed of almost 19 thousand euros after he was lured into a “night club” in Las Américas.

The incident occurred in the basement level of the Las Veronicas strip, when the tourist, who was drunk, was invited in by a female club hostess  and three other men.

According to police sources, the victim was most likely drugged through a spiked drink, and later revealed his credit card pin number to the assailants.

The National Police have arrested the four, who stole 18,000 euros from the victim’s bank account and the 800 euros in cash that the tourist had in his wallet.

Woman Dies After Accident In Docks

July 21, 2014

A 48 year old Italian woman was killed on Saturday after her car went into the water off the Ferry quay in Santa Cruz docks.

The deceased woman, whose body was extricated from the vehicle by firemen, was the only occupant of the vehicle.

Emergency services did attempt to resuscitate the woman but it is believed she had suffered a heart attack.

Accident Black Spots In Tenerife

July 21, 2014

A Directorate General of Traffic report on accident black-spots on Spanish roads in  2013, highlights 35 located in Tenerife, of which nine are concentrated along just nine kilometres of the TF-5 Northern motorway, ranging from just under 3 k outside Santa Cruz to near Tenerife Los Rodeos Airport.

There were no fatalities at the scene, but 50 people were injured in the 37 accidents which occurred in this stretch of road, involving a total of 68 vehicles.

This stretch of the TF-5 carries about 25,000 vehicles every week-day morning.

In addition to the  TF-5, the next highest concentration are the eight black spots located on different roads throughout the municipality of Arona.

These statistics should be viewed against the total figures for the whole of Spain which had 597 accident black spots in 2013 with a total of 2,621 accidents involving 4,018 victims.

The State Treats Us Like A Colony Says Rivero

July 4, 2014

The president of the Canarian Government, Paulino Rivero, yesterday accused the central Spanish mainland government of  “treating the archipelago like a colony”, in relation to oil exploration.

In an interview on Cope radio Rivero  said, in his opinion, those who are against drilling in Canary Islands are showing ”pure common sense; the Canaries live off tourism, and in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, where the only water source is from desalinated sea water, their very existence depends upon the sea.

“We should obtain the views of our citizens on the matter via referendum, this  is a matter of social and economic significance “.

So the Canary Islands government is deadly serious about the call for a referendum on oil drilling. “It will happen and it will be legal “said regional government spokesman, continued »

Half Registered Unemployed Left High And Dry

July 3, 2014

Almost  half of those registered as unemployed in the Canary Islands are not eligible for any kind of unemployment benefit.

According to information for May published yesterday, Wednesday,  52,315 unemployed are entitled to contributory benefit,  67,399 get a non contributory subsidy and 22,264 receive something under the active insertion scheme.

But that still leaves  132,434 people, 48.26 per cent, with absolutely no kind of income at all.

According to the latest available data, the average income in the Canary Islands is the second lowest in Spain, at  742.90 per month, 71.30 euros less than the national average of 814.40 euros per month.

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