23-Year-Old Killed In Playa Paraiso

April 16, 2014

A 23-year-old Moroccan  was found seriously injured in Calle La Vega in Playa Paraiso just after eleven o’clock on Monday night, he died shortly after Guardia Civil officers arrived.

A 37-year-old man, identified only as MEM, and also a Moroccan national, was found hiding nearby by officers investigating the scene.

He had scratches on his face.

The man, who shared a room with the deceased in the Playa Paraiso  area, admitted having had a fight with him about  personal matters just hours before.

Athough MEM has been arrested as the alleged culprit of the death , the Guardia Civil is continuing to investigate to clarify exactly what took place..

New Web Portal Delivers Goods To Canary Islands

April 14, 2014

It is a sad fact that the development of  e-commerce in the Canary Islands has been left far behind compared to the mainland in recent years, administrative barriers are the main culprit for this, there is an administrative and customs lag for individual purchases under the current REF ( Economic and Fiscal Regime ) .

SEUR Canarias (Grupo Valora) and the 2mcgroup have collaborated to make e-commerce to and from the Canary Islands more accessible , by creating a new web portal: xopit.com .

Xopit is basically on big online shopping centre which aims to bring suppliers together to sell on a single platform,  thereby achieving transit of goods between Canary Islands and mainland at a  lower cost and more simply, between companies and their customers.

From the perspective of the consumer,  it is very typical get to the online checkout and get a message “not shipped to the Canary Islands”, because of administrative and customs difficulties, or if the company does deliver then the client is stung for IGIC tax and AIE M import duty, and customs clearance costs for such goods (DUA ) at the point of delivery; Xopit will solve this problem charging a flat rate delivery charge, so there are no hidden surprises when your order arrives..

As far as the sellers are concerned, a canary entrepreneur will simply upload details of their products to their  online store at xopit.com, in this way it will not be necessary to maintain a permanent establishment on the mainland, nor bear the costs of customs administration documents (DUAs ) .

The project has only been going a month, so the range of goods on offer is still growing, but as Xopit will also bear the cost of nationwide advertising campaigns opening up a market of over 45 million potential customers, more vendors are set to join the scheme.

Drunk Ex-Pat Injures Traffic Cop

April 10, 2014

A Guardia Civil traffic policeman working out of Granadilla has been off sick since  the weekend due to injuries sustained after being attacked by an Ex-Pat drunk driver.

The accused, of British nationality, attacked four policemen, injuring one of them, after testing positive at a breathaliser control stop in Granadilla county shortly after noon  on Saturday.

New Management At Magma Centre

April 10, 2014

The Blue Marketing Events company has finally taken over the running of the Magma Arte and Congresos centre a year and two months after a legal wrangle resulted in a final judgment in their favour by the Supreme Court.

The  Supreme Court countermanded a decision by the Ministry of Tourism of the Canary Islands, at that time headed by Rita Martin, to award the management contract to the joint venture formed by the Agencies Travel Alegranza SL, and the Canary Island Car , hire company better known asCICAR .

Blue Marketing Events had presented a bid when the contract went out to tender and , dissatisfied with the tendar process, took the matter to court.

The executive director of Blue Marketing Events,  José Chiyah , expressed his joy to the Diario de Avisos newspaper yesterday at the sucessful culmination of a long legal process, but said that he prefered not to dwell on the past or the delays in the implementation of the judgment of the Supreme Court . “We want to concentrate on the programming and events that can be developed in this unique and iconic building ,” said Chiyah.

Starting with “La Gran Noche Latina 2″ ,  an event which will be held this Saturday from 21.30,

This salsa fest will feature performances from  the Dominican Jose Alberto el Canario, el Bombón de la salsa, and the Cuban Rey Ruiz and will last approximately six hours.

There will also be dancers from some of the best dance schools in Tenerife : Latin Salsa ; MM Dance ; Follow me ; Say yes ; Impact salsa ; Dance Gallery; Studio 54 Dance ; Pura sauce and flavor ; Orbital Mambo ; Latina Footprint ; Donor rumba ; Troidance and Ensálsate . Tickets cost 20 euros overall, and 35 euros if you opt for the VIP area.

Europe Approves Subsidies For New Air Routes To Canaries

April 10, 2014

The European Commission (EC ) has approved state aid worth 10 million euros destined for airlines to enable them to operate new routes to the Canary Islands archipelago .

The Commission has now concluded that the aid is in line with European rules on state aid to airlines and airports.

The EC announced in a statement that the project will boost economic development in the region , in line with the objectives of the European Union, ” without unduly distorting competition in the single market.”

“The plan aims to support the development of tourism in the archipelago and improving connections to the region” , said the EC who are also confident that the aid will enable the creation of jobs.

This now enables the regional government of the Canary Islands to subsidize 50 per cent of airport charges paid by airline companies for a period of up to three years, if they open  new routes to the islands.

The EC defined a new route as one that will offer flights departing from locations that are not currently connected with the islands , but need not necessarily be within the EU.

The EU executive has said that airlines must also demonstrate that the new routes will remain profitable after the expiry of the aid.

Adeje – Passionate About Easter

April 9, 2014

adejeFor hundreds of years Passion Plays have been performed over the Easter weekend throughout the Christian world – and Tenerife is no exception.

Most well known in the south, is the street extravaganza in Adeje which every year attracts thousands of residents and holidaymakers to watch a realistic re-enactment of the days leading up to Christ’s crucifixion.

The Adeje Passion Play has been performed for the last 20 years and preparations for the event begin months in advance as hundreds of volunteers work feverishly to ready costumes and rehearse the scenes to be played out in the streets of of the town.

Some work behind the scenes, taking care of the sound and lighting while hundreds of others play parts in the drama, as Roman soldiers, citizenry, the Apostles or Jesus’s followers.

From Jesus’s ordeal in the Garden of Gethsemane to the agony of the Crucifixion, the thousands lining the streets and a huge television audience are transfixed by the emotional spectacle that takes over the town from noon.

The event starts at midday on Good Friday, 18 April 2014 in the Calle Grande de Adeje, but you should arrive earlier to grab your spot along the route.

If you would prefer to watch in the comfort of your own home the event is being broadcast live by Canarian Television and by National TV on Channel 2 TVE .

Cheese Fair La Orotava

April 7, 2014

cheeseCanarian  goat cheese producers gathered at the  Pinolere Ethnographic Park   in La Orotava over the weekend to show their wares at the fourth anual Canarian Cheese Fair.

Brand new varieties like a Coriander Almogrote and a new Majodelfia from Fuerteventura, a cheese that resembles Philadelphia cheese in texture, are worth looking out for.

A curado añejo (vintage cured), one of the eight types of cheese made in Adeje, was the winner, this product has also won the gold medal at the Cheese fair in Birmingham UK.

Two Drown At Playa Paraiso

April 7, 2014

Photo:Diario de Avisos/MARU BRAGALENTI

Two women, a 43 and 40-year-old were drowned at Playa Pariaso yesterday evening after being swept away by the tide along with three others, two children and another adult.

The incident occurred just before 18:00, when three women and two children , all British nationals, were washed away while swimming .

Several swimmers, two fishermen and and a lifeguard were able to rescue one of the women and the two children quite quickly.

Emergency services including the GES helicopter pulled the other victims out of the sea, however one was already dead and the other woman was unable to be resucitated.

The third adult , a 38-year-old woman was revived and was transferred to the  Hospiten Sur hospital in Las Américas.

The two children were less severely injured, the 10-year- old, suffering with hypoglycemia and mild hypothermiaand, was also hopitalised, while the 14-year-old was treated for mild contusions at the scene.

There will be a judicial investigation into the incident.

Orange launches 4G services in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

March 27, 2014

Orange Spain has announced the launch of 4G services in Santa Cruz de Tenerife city after an investment of around  4 million euros in modernizing its access and transmission network to carry mobile data at 4G speeds.

Orange’s 4G network now covers the entire Santa Cruz de Tenerife metropolitan area, including the Anaza port area as well as the Mayorazgo industrial sites .

Over the course of 2014, the network will be expanded to other towns across the island, including La Laguna, Arona, Puerto de la Cruz and Adeje.

The operator’s aim for 2014 is to expand its 4G services, which are available at no extra charge to all subscribers to the operator’s Canguro 35, Delfin 16 and 35 and Ballena 23 and 25 tariff plans, to all of Spain’s provincial capitals.

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